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The Pet Bistro was born of the realization that while there are many pet food producers, there are few offer a natural, minimally processed food. We believe that pets deserve the best food possible and are focused on providing that.

We believe that a healthy and active pet starts naturally with what we feed them. Balancing a healthy and species appropriate diet with the convenience of an easy to prepare pet food is our utmost goal.

Natural - our pet food is made with high-quality ingredients, using no artificial chemicals, preservatives or rendered animal by-products. The products are not formulated with corn, soy and wheat.

Minimally processed - our process technology allows us to keep the maximum amount of nutrients while offering a highly palatable and minimally processed pet food.

Ingredients - we have established a pledge to use high-quality ingredients and and to focus on providing pets with the best food and treats possible.

Each ingredient must provide a function of either being nutritionally valuable or provide a flavor profile that is preferred by dogs or cats.